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Curtis Powell brings well over a decade of experience to Vadaath. He jammed in the local bands Cave of Roses, and Hooga. In Hooga he met guitarist Rob Strack. Curt wanted to create a band that was heavy and dark. Curt prides himself on creating new and exciting patterns and beats to compliment the music, while still maintaining the pummelling style of Vadaath. Curt's influences include Lars Ulrich of Metallica, Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater, and Vinnie Paul of Pantera.

Curt's Gear:
10-piece Pearl Export Series Drums
Tama Warlord Snare
Zildjian A Custom Cymbals
Wuhan Cymbals
Pearl Opti-Mount Tom Mounts
Ahead 5A Drum Sticks
Tama Hardware
Tama Iron Cobra Double Bass Pedals